are psilocybin mushrooms next

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Quote: petroglyph
My belief is that there are many many plant cures or better treatments in nature than we are aware of. I think there is some validity to ancient shamanistic medical practices that were used for centuries prior to the FDA and DEA and all the three letter agency's.

I don't think it's just "your belief". I'm pretty sure it's fact. There is not a Native I know that doesn't have a drawer with bags of leaves and sticks and bark, all home remedies for something or another. It might not knock the pain out like a good ol' vike, but it also won't blow out your liver and possibly make you a junkie.

Quote: petroglyph
But I will say this. It is different for each of us. I have been diagnosed with Carcinoma, and it gets inside my head. I always had a high stress occupation and have done lots of dangerous activity's, no problem. No fear, or at least didn't let it alter my behavior other than the adrenaline. But the diagnosis haunts me. If for any reason I wake up, my brain instantly goes from zero to sixty and even in a sleep stupor, I have wide awakeness thinking about "the disease", the treatments, and unfortunately agony. Physical and mental. If I could somehow trust that there would be no bad side effects at this point, I would swallow a handful [of shrooms] or however much was the "right" amount if it would take away the anxiety. I have zanax and pain meds, and I'm sure they would give me a scrip for anything that seemed even remotely like it would help. But to me they are all depressants. I never liked anything that slowed me down, going fast was more my thing, life on the edge.

Man... can totally relate to the million mile an hour brain. My worst depression and start of my addiction featured this very thing. Just light speed every waking moment, to the point I'd be up 18 - 24 - 50 hours at a time because the brain would never disengage. Ugh, it's a nightmare, and I feel for you. That's why I did like weed. While we are similar in high risk, like-going-fast type lifestyle, getting down was a relief. I won't say weed made me focus, but it shut down so much of the noise it almost allowed me to focus. It kind of makes you dumb and dopey, so I didn't have the capability to have 15 threads of thought cycling at light speed anymore. I could usually only manage one or two threads of thought while high, and things like video games or a good book took full attention of the one thread I had left. It's how I found peace through my worst years.

Coke would be bad. Hard on the heart and gets you too amped. And the "feel good" only lasts ten minutes, and then you want more. You'd either blow yourself out or end up a fidgety mess.

Shrooms,... man, I dunno. It's all in the mind. You really need to be surrounded by good people (or a good person) and be somewhere you can relax and set yourself free. Sometimes you can put on some Floyd and play with Play-Doh for 8 hours, sometimes you want to wander the woods (or desert =p), sometimes you want to sit somewhere up high and just watch. You kind of don't know until you get going, and you need to be able to go when your head says go. Just make sure to turn all the mirrors around first. Never glimpse your own reflection; that way lies madness.

LSD... skip this one entirely.

Pills... blah. See LSD.

MDMA... well, it'll blow out your brain sooner rather than later. And you really need to keep cool and hydrated while on it. And you will suffer depression relative to length of use. And you're not going to feel good at all for a good week after you use it. But if I ever find myself at the end of my path, I damn sure hope I have some around. You will never, ever, eeeeeever feel better in your life. And if you have a friend there, male or female, romantic or no, you'd love nothing more than to cuddle them for 8-10 hours non-stop. I mean it, You Will Never Feel Better In Your Whole Life. But its price is steep, and depression is a certainty. I did it weekly for about, oh, 4-6 months. I didn't experience happiness for three years afterwards. I could never in good conscience suggest it unless someone was literally at the end of the line. Like, gonna die any day, can't even get up, totally disabled with pain. The downside is just too great.

Heroin / opium, meh. You said you don't like being down, so no point in going down this road. Plus the whole addiction / respiratory arrest / instant death stuff is too high a price.

Meth, lol. Even I have never done meth, and I've done everything. It's despicable. Pass. Run, if you have to.

Salvia, nope. Not what you're looking for, unless you're looking to literally bust a rib laughing. Then 5 minutes later it's gone and you got nothing. And it tastes like $%^&.

Weed... my favorite. But I dunno based on what you've shared so far. I mean, I suspect it would stop that snap-thinking and the racing thoughts. On the other, it might create further problems as it makes you lazy and apathetic. Being able to disconnect is nice so you can rest body and mind. But spirit counts, and spirit is energy, which weed sort of shorts out. You'd have to balance it, same as anything else. But due to its relative safety, if I was being driven literally insane by a racing mind, I'd be on it within the hour.

Quote: petroglyph
I am typing this a few blocks from the Mayo in Phoenix where I will be tomorrow. I probably shouldn't bring up the shroom thing, but the thought of it while all the shit goes on around me, may bring me a chuckle. And that is good medicine, IMO.

Good? Likely the best. Ain't a medicine in the world gonna work if spirit is not intact. The placebo effect exists because it exists. The mind controls the body. Get it on your side.
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Quote: petroglyph

Interestingly enough, methamphetamine didn't score so poorly in that study. Meth is safer than Budweiser, heroin, Marlboro, & cocaine? Weird. But if I'm understanding it correctly, the study only measured acute toxity and not the effects of long-term use. (If the D.E.A. is to be believed, the long term use of meth leads to chronically dangerous sleep deprivation, malnourishment, heart palpitations, and profound tooth decay, not to mention blowing up your house if you're dumb enough to manufacture it in your own kitchen.) Curious to see were 'shrooms would have ranked.

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"Significant progress has also been made in opening up psychedelic compounds to scientific study.

As Truth Theory reported last year, a $17 million psychedelic research center will soon be opening at Johnís Hopkins University."

Probably be a rush to Santa Cruz. The first pot stores made a bundle.
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I just realized I never posted in this thread before, and it's about mushrooms! Yet this was a 2014-15 thread and that was before I took the plunge. I never ate a wild mushroom or knew much about them till a couple of years ago. Growing up, no relatives or friends ate them. We'd be in the woods and if there were any mushrooms someone would point them out, say they were toadstools, and explain the word 'toad' meant 'death' in German [corruption of 'tod'].* I distinctly remember my dad saying stuff like that.

I am still very cautious about them. I have a lot of field guides and such now, but I'll say again: youtube videos did the most to give me confidence I have identified what I have eaten correctly. Nevertheless I expect I will never eat a wild mushroom with gills unless I am ever lucky enough to make friends with a bonafide expert.

My one experience 40+ years ago with mushrooms that make you high was not a good experience.

*I'm surprised to find this etymological theory appears to be fantasy
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Quote: rxwine
It strikes me as very irresponsible to write such a glowing article when we can hardly say all the facts are in. I'd be OK with a more careful report.

This guy wants to be the new Timothy Leary?
The light at the end of the tunnel can be a freight train coming the other way!..Fleastiff
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