What do you consider yourself an expert on?

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Quote: Mosca
I don't think I would consider myself an expert on much. I get far more enjoyment from learning about things than I do from mastering them. Hobbies usually last three years, where I consume as much as I can about things, and then I get bored and move on.

That being said, I think I'm a half decent photographer. Not anywhere near professional, but I have my shots. I've gotten some good captures. I know the tools.

I am one damn fine backyard cook. Indoor cook, too, but the grill and smoker and kamado oven are my true calling. I know what to do with a $400 dry aged prime rib roast. It WILL be spectacular.

I have taught auto detailing. I can use the rotary without fear. Detailing is all about removing swirl marks, and then not making them again. That, and extreme attention to... detail.

I dunno, I'm probably really good at something else, but I don't remember what it is. It will come to me. Oh: I know. I was supposed to be a writer, but I got sidetracked. It's a long story. I probably would have been really good, but it didn't happen.

Babs, my dad is a Gold Life Master at contract bridge. He is in his mid 80s and plays four times a week, and up until a couple years ago went to tournaments around the country. He and his top partner played against the then current US champs, in New Jersey about 7 years ago, in a mini-knockout, and they lost but held their own. Myself, I never warmed to the game. When I was in college all the bridge players were acting like their parents, all tantrums and belittlement. He says I could be good, but I doubt it.

Really interesting thread, OP - thanks for starting it. Could have a lot to do with the quality of respondants as well!


Good meat cooking is so totally a guy thing. I SO wish I had that skill, and I don't. You must be in high demand. (Mrs. Mosca; can I rent him out, say, every other week, please? Please?)

Love that your dad's a bridge GLM. Awesome accomplishment, especially holding his own with top players. I was considered a prodigy 20 years ago but couldn't get away from work on weekends enough to establish a real presence. Got to play some greats, as well, though it was rare I really held my own over the course of a tournament; more flashes of insight on individual hands/sets commanding respect and potential. The game continues, though live opportunities are dwindling. If I manage to make enough off game royalties, I may take it back up on a serious level, travel to regional/sectional/nationals. The all-important finding-a-partner thing is a hurdle, though, can't say I've made a serious attempt at it lately.
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