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I note that JB and Wizard are still green, but Face is now "regular". Who are the admins on DT?
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Face is still green on WOV
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Face is an admin here, he has never been green.
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Indeed I was never "official".

I offered my services in Februrary of '12. At the time I was given "secret" status and was only put in place here because I asked. DT hasn't really needed much oversight, but I asked and it was granted.

I became "official" in Feb of '13, but again, there's not really a big fuss over here. I assume the color change was overlooked, as again, there's never been an immediate need for a visible police force.

I think I've addressed a whole one person on DT, and only ever utilized the BanHammer when a suspended WoV member came here and reminded me they needed suspending =)
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