Dry Cleaning

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I don't generate much dry cleaning, as I usually work in pajamas (scrubs). I used to get a monthly coupon for half off your dry cleaning bill if you bring in 5 or more pieces, but I haven't been in so long I guess I'm off their list. The listed price for a man's suit is $13! For laundered (not dry cleaned) shirts it's $2.50! I found a competitor who gave me their 'super discount' of $10.30 per suit and $1.99 per shirt. I guess I haven't paid much attention to the cost of dry cleaning, but does this seem kind of high?
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Been some years since I used dry cleaning but $10.30 for a suit not that high. $2 for a shirt seems high but it was $0.99 10 years ago so maybe not. Mens shirts are not a high-profit area for the cleaners, it is just that they are so easy.
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Beware discount dry cleaners... they don't change their chemicals often enough and if you bring in a white jacket it will forever after be a gray jacket.

Chemicals and regulations raise their costs. Also in California they are often Korean owned and there is a scam going around in the sales of dry cleaners. It takes about six months to transfer the dry cleaning license .. and neophyte lawyers don't know that, so the poor Korean immigrant buys a dry cleaners but goes to a newly minted lawyer... whom he then sues for six months of being closed having cost him his life's savings.