Hialeah Park Casino vs Casino Miami vs Gulfstream Park. :D

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Gulfstream doesn't check bags and purses. Offers Roulette at a quarter a number but makes you place a $5 Minimum. They will not allow you to place one quarter on outside bets except for 0 and 00. Outside bets are $1 each choice. They offer a guaranteed $20 a week in free play. Best deal out of the three in free play. Hialeah offers roughly $19 more on top of their guaranteed $19, but the extra $19 has a $150 coin in requirement. Their food is expensive. $15 for a burger and fries when there is a Steak N Shake across the street that offers a burger and fries for $3.99! What the hell! Has Lottery on Casino property. Has double Casinos.

Hialeah. Checks bags and purses and then lets gamblers play with the bags. They have Lottery in the Casino. They offer a guaranteed $17 in free play. For a combined $150 coin in, you get roughly an extra $19 in free play. You can use points for food or free play. Roulette is $2 Minimum and quarters are accepted on all outside bets. Best deal on Roulette out of all 3 Casinos. They offer specials such as Minced pork, mashed potatoes, and rice and beans for $7.50. Good deal. Their fries basically fill the bottom of a Styrofoam plate. A bit pricey considering Burger King and McDonald's basically offer the same size for like .75 less . They offer a steak sandwich and fries for roughly $10. Kind if pricey but steak sandwich is tasty. Soda is extra despite free soda at the bar literally 20 steps away. Go figure.

Casino Miami. Does not allow you to bring in bags. You have to leave bags outside where opportunists can make off with your bags. Free play is a guaranteed $18. Roulette is $2 minimum, .50 minimum and you can play .50 on all outside bets. You cannot use points for free play. Player's Club says that losses are rewarded, not wins. To the best of my knowledge, Hialeah and Gulfstream reward free play on coin in, win or lose. You can get a pork and rice deal for $6 plus free soda. Not bad. Fries are $1.50, more than half of Hialeah's fries and are roughly the same size of the Hialeah fries. You can also get a burger and fries for only $6, more than half the price of the burger and fries price at Gulfstream. Casino Miami is the best deal food price wise. Does not offer Lottery.