NFL losing fans

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Quote: JimRockford

Finally someone not blaming everything but what the problem is, namely the product. Though it misses that while fantasy football is popular, it is possibly taking away from the games as people just check stats vs. enjoy a game.
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Quote: Nareed
For the second year in a row, i find myself wishing both SB teams could lose.

I am looking for some winning commercials
Probably play my Nintendo Switch Zelda Breath of the wild during the game and look up to the TV during commercials
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Quote: terapined
I am looking for some winning commercials

We get regular commercials during the Super Bowl.

This year there won't even be a decent halftime show.
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Lots of sports are losing viewers: attendance at baseball games is at a 15 year low, college football ratings are down, and the NFL's ratings are down.

The exception? The NBA.

Quote: David French
Today’s NBA is a professional-sports league on the rise. Its ratings on TNT are up 20 percent from last year. Its ratings on NBATV, the league’s cable channel, are up 20 percent. ESPN and ABC’s NBA ratings are up as well, and 17 out of 30 teams have seen improvements in their local markets. Taken in isolation, these numbers are impressive. Viewed in context, they’re breathtaking.
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