AZ Duffman, The Steelers, and Mr. Vick

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Quote: rxwine
I don't recall, but I suspect like most things there is usually a trade-off somewhere.

I don't think the study suggests no signal is better but just that when there is one people are less careful. I know I have seen a car blow a red light and hit another whereas if no signal the hit car would have looked. A signal was needed, it was a usually busy road. But this was a light Saturday morning when it could almost have been set to "flash."
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Quote: terapined
You play organized Hockey
They are definitely interested in you
Not just your brain later, but interested in you now

Very cool, thanks. I'm gonna hit them up. Great find.

Hockey has actually been pretty good to me. I think of my now 17 years of hox, maybe, what...5-7 of my 32 came from it? And honestly, I think many of them would be sub-concussive, if not for my history. I certainly know the last one i received in tournament was due to accumulation and not severity. Had I taken that shot to the nose and not the back of head, it wouldn't have even bled. That's how fragile my dome has become.
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Forget football! Has anyone watched an MMA fight? The loser virtually always is concussed, with the winner not immune from same.
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The latest on Football and CTE

Kid plays pop warner football age 11 to 15
commits suicide 25
Brain examined, CTE
Family sues Pop Warner
Pop Warner settles out of court
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