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Been wanting to post this for awhile?

On our main route to town through a residential area, the speed limit varies between 15 and 35 and there are some S curves.

Upon coming to the curves there is a man that almost always seems to be out in his garage.

I believe this man is mentally handicapped. Realize that the temp here can easily surpass 115* in the shade, and this guy is usually in his garage, [I think he sometimes smokes out there?], if not he is slightly outside in the driveway, and he seems to wave at every car that goes by.

I wave back. I asked my wife if she had noticed him, she had and as I took for granted she also waves in return.

So, I am on to this guy and I prepare accordingly. I know when I am coming by and I wave first. It brings a smile from ear to ear on this guy, and I like to think that improves his day. Big grin back, ear to ear and huge wave.

Locally with really low interest rates, all the singled out lots that people have hung onto forever are now having new houses built on them, and next door to the "waver" is one of those lots, which was picked up on by a builder.

Upon coming to the location, I notice what the contractor has done. It appears that they have hired him to collect all the larger rocks [6"] and put them in piles near the lot edge to be hauled away. The waver guy seems dedicated to his employment, and happy while doing it. That is the kind of contractor I like to hire.

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