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I was in Four Corners and did the customary "stand in four states" at the same time, a few years back. It was cold and blowing, but still there were a few outdoor vendors out trying to sell some of their wares as that is how they support their way of life. So we browsed and came to one table where a young Navajo girl was selling hand made Christmas ornaments. We purchased a Christmas tree ball type ornament, covered with felt and inlaid, is a "stairway to heaven", it is very pretty with the desert colors and turquoise. She had no idea what a "Christmas tree" was.

That experience changed our way of gift shopping. The average income on the Navajo reservation is 7 thousand dollars per year. Thirty percent of reservation homes do not have electricity or running water. I have encountered some elders who only speak in their native tongue which further increases their difficulty to survive. Occasionally we hear of poverty in our city's but are unaware of the struggle of our ancestral inhabitants trying to live their historical way and keep they're culture alive.

I hope you will put this link in your "history" links for future gift ideas. It is the only place we go for wedding presents. We like to give the traditional Indian wedding vase, which comes with a printout of the wedding story. There have been a rash of weddings in our circle of friends and this is our "go to shopping place". Everything has been beautiful, including pottery, handmade loomed rugs and very attractive silver and turquoise jewelry. Every purchase from this site, a portion is given to those determined the most in need, by the tribes foundation.

Maybe take a look at the Southwest Indian site and peruse some of the objects, each are individual pieces of art. You won't be disappointed, each has arrived on time and been a unique and lasting treasure.

Southwest Indian foundation;
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Quote: petroglyph
are unaware of the struggle of our ancestral inhabitants trying to live their historical way

My ancestors lived in EU in huts and caves.
I have no desire to live like that. Why would I.
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