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Quote: Evenbob
Profanity is for the uneducated and
boorish, and always has been.

C'mon bob, just listen to the whole thing. It's only 58 seconds.

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Quote: Face

I'm in 100% agreement in many, many situations. You don't do it at the park in public,.

Oh, I do it all the time at home when
I'm alone. That's different. We got a
ton of snow and when shoveling I said
the f word about a hundred times. In
public I never swear, it's a matter of
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I hate profanity [in excess] on the internet, because it is never just blurted out. You have to type out those words deliberately, and then not take the opportunity to delete after reflection. It is profanity to the nth because of those factors.
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Quote: Evenbob
At the very first real job I had, there was
a sign in the warehouse that said:

"Profanity is the attempt of a feeble mind
to express itself."

That had a profound effect on me. I always
try and find an alternative to using a swear
word. Profanity is for the uneducated and
boorish, and always has been.

That is pretty good. I have had people ask if I ever swear. At my buddy's house I dropped a rare F-Bomb in front of a woman. Look on his wife's face was amazing, she said she never heard me say that.

He also has one of those bubble hockey games. We were downstairs playing (another day years later) and came up. She was on the couch looking pale. I still remember the quote. "You guys really need to hear the language that comes out of your mouths when you play that game!"

I give a pass if you are cussing during some kind of physical game even bubble hockey, otherwise I think of something better.
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